Aladdin at Orpheum Theater San Francisco

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Orpheum Theater San Francisco | San Francisco, California

That feeling you get when great things are coming your way may be the result of hearing that the 5 Tony Award Nominee Aladdin is coming back to San Francisco, California for a live theatre show on Thursday 3rd August 2023 at the epic Orpheum Theatre. Fans of the theater are already flooding the ticket stands for what critics are calling the best experience of 2023. Every time Aladdin steps foot on stage, new fans are born earning this company fame as one of the hottest theater companies you can see. You might be wondering what makes Aladdin so special, but hundreds of fans who show up to every sold-out performance can’t be wrong. So if you want to see a performance packed with songs you’ve loved for the past 25 years with romance, mystery and a whole lot of magic, then you can’t miss out on this one-off entertainment spectacle. Click the Buy Tickets button below and make sure you get your tickets today.

Aladdin at Orpheum Theatre San Francisco

Come on down to Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco on Thursday 3rd August 2023. Together we all embark on a tale of heinous wonder, into the dark nights of Arabia. Grab your tickets now for Disney’s Aladdin, we stick to the dark distorted story of the disgusting villain and Grand court Vizier Jafar. The Sultan of the great city of Agrabah has decreed that in three day’s time, his daughter, the lovely Princess Jasmin, turns sixteen and before that day she must find a suitable nobleman to marry! The Grand Vizier sees this spectacular opportunity to snatch her up and, if he can find a way to depose the old Sultan, not only gain the most exquisite Princess in the whole land but also, then he will become the most powerful man in Arabia! Thus, he embarks on a quest to the Cave of Wonders, where with the forced help of the useless street urchin Aladdin he can finally get his grubby hands on The Lamp, a extremely mighty magical artifact containing a Genie! This is it! All of Jafars’ plans are coming together and soon all of Agrabah will call him Sultan! Que evil laughter! So, get your tickets to Aladdin right here and start practicing your evil laugh in the mirror!

Aladdin at Orpheum Theatre San Francisco

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