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Orpheum Theatre | San Francisco, California

Funny Girl

This is, hands down, the best musical of all time. Captivating and charismatic, the awesome ensemble cast will thrill theater goers as the story unfolds. You will not be able to take your eyes off the awesome set, dripping with period correct visuals. This is one of those shows that will keep you well entertained from the moment it starts to the moment it finishes. Everyone will want to be at Orpheum Theatre on Friday 3rd May 2024 so expect tickets to sell out faster than you think. Luckily for you, this is the best place to purchase yours, so don't delay.

Fanny Brice, the lead character of Funny Girl and is undoubtedly terrific even though she isn't supposed to be actually gorgeous. She has a good voice, a quick mind, elegant looks, graceful hands, and eyes that seem to burn their way into your very being.
She is anything other than ordinary. The story follows her as a young, brave performer on New York City's Lower East Side, fumbling through the worlds of burlesque and vaudeville, as she begins the cusp of a new chapter in her epic journey.
Fanny is a beautiful singer with a creative mind who believes in herself even with her family and friends' doubts about her ability to achieve her goals. At first sight, Fanny's heart is attracted by Nick Arnstein, a sleek gambler with a soft side. Nick, on the other hand, is unable to empathize and is constantly absent on what she assumes are "business" trips.
Nick and Fanny have a heartfelt encounter in Baltimore, during which they both admit their feelings for one another, and Fanny confidently decides to travel across the ocean to be with Nick. Nick's win of a significant sum of money led to the couple's decision to marry each other. Fanny's husband is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with her success in show business, but she has a stellar career as an entertainer and must pick between between her husband and Nick. Do not miss out on this amazing experience. You can still get tickets, but doing, so before they sell out is highly advised.

Funny Girl at Orpheum Theatre

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