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This 2024, you can experience the life and career of the world's greatest pop star through a captivating stage musical! MJ the Musical – The Life Story of Michael Jackson – is finally going on tour, and it's set to take over season with countless dates across North America! Seize this Tony Award-winning masterpiece as it features the unbelievable music, work, and legacy of Michael Jackson! The King of Pop pretty much had his entire life under the spotlight, and you're probably curious about what went on behind the scenes!

In the upcoming February, MJ the Musical will be making its way to San Francisco, California! Prepare for a wonderful performance on Tuesday 6th February 2024 as the stage at Orpheum Theatre becomes illuminated with Michael Jackson's biggest hits! This fantastic musical takes the audience on a trip to 1992 during the significant events of Michael Jackson's Dangerous World Tour! The performance will showcase pivotal and defining moments that led to the lasting legacy of the world's biggest pop star!

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If you're curious what MJ the Musical can possibly accomplish to give justice to the incredible life that Michael Jackson lived, just leave it to the critics to promptly define how this musical gave audiences a compelling glimpse of Jackson's point of view. The Hollywood Reporter wrote, "MJ, like its subject, is captivating and difficult to shake. The musical takes audiences through Jackson's life and catalog with remarkable ease, expertly chronicling major milestones." The critic goes on to add, "His vision and work ethic become more exacting, his drive to best himself at once astonishing and troubling."

Some pivotal moments in MJ the Musical that happened in real life include Jackson leaving Motown Records and joining Epic, where he worked with the legendary Quincy Jones. Together, they came out with incredible efforts, Off the Wall and Thriller. Moreover, many critics praised the MJ for not being the ordinary generic jukebox musical. The Washington Post mentioned, "That sordid history would not seem to have foretold a jukebox musical devoted to the upside of Jackson's genius."

As with any Michael Jackson story, MJ also gave focus on the challenges the pop star went through. It also gave an glimpse of the sacrifices he had to pay for such profound fame. Variety was quick to point this out, "The demons that Jackson battles in "MJ," his father and the media, are figured as monstrous. But if there was darkness behind the angelic falsetto, a mix of light and shadow that made Michael Jackson a unique artist, "MJ" enacts a trick, insisting it didn't belong to him. It's a renouncement worthy enough of a smooth criminal."

This year, MJ the Musical will cover multiple dates for its national tour, including several performances at the state-of-the-art Orpheum Theatre. The concert hall is the ideal venue to host such a extraordinary musical. Orpheum Theatre has a long legacy and experience in providing top-tier entertainment to music and arts enthusiasts of San Francisco, California, and beyond! Orpheum Theatre's welcoming seating, trailblazing light and sound technology, and excellent facilities guarantee that you will have the best entertainment experience!

Whether you're a Michael Jackson fan or just a Broadway musical lover, you'll surely enjoy the musical's plethora of hits. MJ has specially curated Jackson's comprehensive catalog, and each of his powerful songs is given a mesmerizing scene and choreography that would make the pop star proud.

You can catch MJ the Musical - the Life Story of Michael Jackson by purchasing your tickets now. Select tickets for Tuesday 6th February 2024 by hitting the Get Tickets link now!

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