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Orpheum Theatre | San Francisco, California

Paw Patrol Live

It's time for another Ultimate Rescue! Sunday, March 10th, is the date for those looking to watch Paw Patrol Live at the amazing Orpheum Theatre San Francisco. Steel yourselves because Ryder is rounding up the whole gang for their brand-new adventure entitled “Heroes Unite”! Oh no, the menacing Robo dog clones are back, and they’re causing a ruckus around the venue. Will the whole team manage to defeat the big, bad forces once again? It’s up to you now to lend your hand in this spirited production fit for all ages. Run alongside Chase, Skye, Marshall, Zuma, Rocky, Rubble, and Everest as the team saves the day in this fun, interactive, and paw-tastic show! Everyone is waiting at the San Francisco stage, recognized for promising the best viewing experience possible, no matter where you’re seated. Fetch your tickets now for Paw Patrol Live at the Orpheum Theatre! We’ll see you guys there!

Paw Patrol Live arrives at the Orpheum Theatre San Francisco on Sunday, March 10th, and they're bringing a brand-new story entitled “Heroes Unite”! Mayor Humdinger's up to his naughty tricks once more. This time, he's dog-napped Robo Dog and even managed to clone him. But things took a wild turn when the cloning machine went haywire, creating a multitude of Robo Dog clones! What's a town to do? Well, there's only one solution – call in the Paw Patrol to save the day!

In this new and exciting paw-filled narrative, your favorite characters, including the brave pups and some exciting surprise guests, take center stage. Will the Paw Patrol be able to save the town from the chaos brought about by these playful clones? Join the crew as soon as possible and see for yourselves.

It’s no surprise why Nickelodeon’s animated series is well-loved by viewers and critics worldwide. The original animated series garnered multiple accolades, including several Canadian Screen Awards in categories such as Best Animated Program or Series and Best Direction in an Animated Program or Series. Furthermore, the show received the Environmental Media Award in Children's Television for its smart and inspiring incorporation of eco-friendly themes in a majority of its episodes.

Their traveling tour, “Paw Patrol Live,” brings to the stage the beloved animated series of the same name, featuring a young leader named Ryder, who heads up a team of six heroic rescue pups as they embark on different kinds of adventures, depending on the venue.

“Overall, Paw Patrol Live! Heroes Unite features artistic and creative visual effects, a heartwarming script and screenplay, as well as an enchanting musical score, where children and their parents can dance in their seats and sing along with the characters. It’s worth checking out, and it garners two thumbs up.” Digital Journal shares.

Holding the most remarkable theater facade on Market Street, the Orpheum Theatre San Francisco has upheld its status as the hottest events place in the state. With its versatile stage, the venue can easily accommodate large-scale productions as well as intimate and interactive shows such as this live show! Grab your tickets now for Paw Patrol Live on Sunday, March 10th!

Paw Patrol Live at Orpheum Theatre

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