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Lion King is undoubtedly the performance of a lifetime! Apart from because it’s one of the longest-running musicals ever, but also due to its awe-inspiring story and music, echoing eternally in the minds and minds of those who watched it! The animal epic, this spectacular production, has dominated the entertainment industry since its premiere on Broadway in 1997! And it’s still present today due to insistent public demand!

This season, the touring production of Lion King makes its spectacular return and will visit all the major cities! Starting the current season, the beloved musical makes a visit in the bustling San Francisco, California! Fortunate Broadway musical fans can anticipate The Lion King’s award-winning production, music, and groundbreaking costume design!

It’s like you’re seeing a whole new world right from the comfort of your seats in the splendid Orpheum Theatre! Catch this amazing showing on Sunday 10th December 2023 as The Lion King lights up the stage! Select your tickets now for the day of the week’s show by visiting the Buy Tickets link!

The Broadway version of the acclaimed musical just marked its 25th anniversary. Since its official launch at the New Amsterdam Theatre, the production has set out on 28 tours worldwide, with presentations that have been attended by over 110 million audiences.

Everyone is familiar with the narrative of the adorable lion cub Young Simba, that begins his journey on the savannah. The animated Disney children's classic is portrayed to life on stages across the globe, telling the story of the animals that genuinely reign over the land in Africa as they struggle to endure.

This production will feature life-size lions, leopards, elephants, and giraffes. The actors, several of whom are using puppets, manipulate costumes that embody a diverse range of animals. Certain of the performers stride beneath or beside the puppets, while others entirely embody their characters.

The New York Times discloses that over the show's 2 hours and 40 minutes, there will be several instances of "stunning beauty and innovative set design that is realized by means of imaginative methods ranging from shadow puppetry to Bunraku." The critique continues to assert that surely, nowhere else on Broadway has there been a realistic stampede of wildebeests or a animated herd of gazelles skimming the veldt that have been portrayed with such visually stunning certainty.

Only the best live entertainment shows are shown at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. With superb acoustics and an interactive stage, the venue in California will provide the ideal atmosphere for an memorable Lion King adventure.
Join the Pride and be a part in the Circle of Life in all its majestic glory!

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