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Showing live this winter is the biggest box office and Broadway hit... THE LION KING is leaping off from screen to the stage in a highly anticipated appearance in San Francisco, California! So prepare yourselves for this unparalleled Broadway musical that both children and adults will have fun at.

Drawing the idea from the classic Disney movie, The Lion King, the production gives a unique experience of the timeless classic. All the best characters will be there, not to mention unforgettable songs such as ”Circle of Life” and the ultimate feel-good tune, “Hakuna Matata.” This is your chance to lose yourself in the spirit of the wild and get to witness all your favorite characters be brought to life. Make your way to the renowned Orpheum Theatre for this show! Mark your calendars for Thursday 14th December 2023 because The Lion King will make its way soon.

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The Broadway version of the acclaimed musical just marked its 25th anniversary. Since its official premiere at the New Amsterdam Theatre, the performance has set out on 28 tours worldwide, with presentations that have been viewed by over 110 million people.

Everyone is well acquainted with the tale of the endearing lion cub Young Simba, that begins his journey on the African grasslands. The animated Disney children's beloved is presented to life on stages around the world, recounting the story of the animals that indeed rule the land in Africa as they struggle to survive.

This presentation will present life-size lions, leopards, elephants, and giraffes. The actors, a lot of whom are utilizing puppets, manipulate costumes that represent a diverse range of animals. Certain of the performers stride beneath or alongside the puppets, while others completely embrace their characters.

The New York Times reveals that during the show's 2 hours and 40 minutes, there will be several instances of "stunning beauty and innovative set design that is achieved through creative techniques ranging from shadow puppetry to Bunraku." The review continues to assert that surely, nowhere before on Broadway has there been a realistic stampede of wildebeests or a animated herd of gazelles skimming the veldt that have been portrayed with such jaw-dropping conviction.

Only the most exceptional live entertainment shows are featured at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. With superb acoustics and an immersive stage, the auditorium in California delivers the ideal setting for an remarkable Lion King journey.
Join the Pride and be a part in the Circle of Life in all its awe-inspiring magnificence!

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