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Headed straight to you this winter is the #1 box office and Broadway hit... THE LION KING is leaping off from screen to the stage in a long-awaited performance in San Francisco, California! So get yourselves ready for this unparalleled Broadway musical that both children and adults will enjoy seeing.

Built on the premise of the Disney movie, The Lion King, the production delivers a one-of-a-kind experience of the crowd-favorite. All the best characters will be there, adding to that is unforgettable songs such as “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” and the ultimate happy-go-lucky hit, “Hakuna Matata.” This is your chance to immerse yourselves in the spirit of the wild and get to see the best Disney characters be brought to life. Drive to the breathtaking Orpheum Theatre for this show! Mark your calendars for Sunday 24th December 2023 because The Lion King will be live soon.

Buy tickets for yourself and the rest of your family right now! Click on ‘get tickets’ to begin your purchase. Hakuna matata!

Get ready, because The Lion King is springing onto the platform at the Orpheum Theatre on Sunday 24th December 2023! After two decades and one year on tour, this stunning visual spectacle continues to journey throughout North America.

Close to 30 years back, the Disney animated classic enthralled fans around the globe with its heartwarming story of perseverance and courage as it follows Simba's journey from his early lion cub years to his ascent to the throne as King. Showcasing Swahili and Zulu, this musical strikingly presents five indigenous African languages, and the ensemble of performers engaged is pivotal in its accomplishments.

“Considering that The Lion King is so imbued with rhythms rooted in these [Gambian] traditions, maintaining enthusiasm for the show is easy," reveals Stefan Monssen, a percussionist trained in African techniques.
Variety expresses admiration on the musical, labeling it as a “novel generation of felines” that persists to captivate Broadway by storm. In this evaluation, it is mentioned that the Walt Disney Company has efficiently positioned itself as a formidable and ambitious player in the legitimate theater scene.

In short, Disney's "The Lion King" stands as a marvel, a theatrical accomplishment that exudes beauty, smartness, and creativity. The stage adaptation of the cherished 1994 animated film exceeds its starting point in almost all aspects, embracing stunning visuals and compelling storytelling to the evocative score by Lebo M and the freshly Africanized pop songs composed by Elton John and Tim Rice.

All stage performances are unmissable at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. With state-of-the-art acoustics and a grand performance space, the establishment in this state delivers the perfect setting for truly enjoying a definitive Lion King experience.

Are you ready? Feel the sentiment tonight! Let the emotions flow with the pulse-racing score of The Lion King Musical, and get your Orpheum Theatre tickets now!

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