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mj musical at orpheum theater san franciscoDive into a one-of-a-kind musical that will bring nostalgia and pure artistry! Experience the critically-acclaimed show, “MJ: The Life Story of Michael Jackson.” This production will bring back the legend in a jukebox musical with the staples of Jackson’s timeless hit songs. It features the King of Pop’s creative drive, signature moves, and childhood stardom, all while showcasing more than twenty-five of his biggest hits loved by millions. The legend’s four-decade career, which needs no introduction —but merely mentioning his extraordinary success of thirty-one top ten hits, thirteen Grammy Awards, six Brit Awards, and twenty-six American Music Awards— can only be described as a phenomenal feat. His talent, charm, heart for music, dedication, and love for humanity have made him one of popular culture’s most beloved global figures. He was a legend, record-breaking, iconic artist that revolutionized the definition of music performance and production.

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The Life Story of Michael Jackson

“MJ, like its subject, is captivating and hard to shake.” — The Hollywood Reporter

“Beautiful to experience throughout, which one almost never can say about jukebox musicals.” — Chicago Tribune

“Visually & sonically ravishing!” — Deadline

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The life and works of Michael Jackson will be featured in one spectacular musical nostalgia directed and choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon and from the work of two-time Pulitzer awardee Lynn Nottage. The musical’s production began in December 2021, amounting to $22.5 million. The show has been in the director’s book for quite some time, and previews began at the Neil Simon Theatre. It’s been in the works for several years since 2019, but because of the unfortunate events of COVID-19, the production was canceled in the meantime. In February 2022, the show finally opened. The show garnered Tony Awards for “Best Musical,” including “Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role” for Myles Frost and Wheeldon for “Best Choreography.” Natasha Katz took home the “Best Lighting Design for a Musical” and “Best Sound Design for a Musical” to Gareth Owen.

The show’s creative team also features Tony and Emmy awardee designer Derek McLane, Tony and Emmy-winning costume designer Paul Tazewell, Tony-nominated projection designer Peter Nigrini, and Emmy-nominated hair and wig designer Charles LaPointe. The musical supervision is by Tony-nominee David Holcenberg, with orchestrations and arrangements by David Holcenberg and Tony-winner Jason Michael Webb. Michael Harmon made his Broadway debut in “MJ the Musical” as a swing cast member. The unique take of the musical to the King of Pop’s tunes was well-received, leading to its original cast recording being nominated for Best Musical Theater Album in the Grammy’s.

In its 2023-2024 production, MJ The Musical will have a new Michael Jackson enter the center stage in the form of the young and talented Elijah Rhea Johnson. His debut for the role took place on April 4, 2023, succeeding Tony winner Myles Frost in the role. During the developmental workshops, Wheeldon and the rest of the casting crew saw Elijah as the middle Michael. Still, after developing the part of Middle Michael throughout the musical workshop process, it was evident in his performance that he was born to play adult Michael. Wheeldon states that even though Frost will be leaving behind pretty big loafers to fill, Elijah proves he is more than ready to wear them. By August 2023, the Broadway musical production had grossed $129.2 million, with an attendance of 882,000. The Tony-winning musical has played to more than 750,000 patrons and has broken the box office record at the Simon 10 times.

“A flawless production.” — New York Theatre Guide

Wheeldon states the inspiration and groundwork of the show’s progression. The show is heavily coded in Speilberg’s technique of putting the history of a person’s life and anchoring it into a particular or significant moment. In this case, the story revolves around preparing the whole crew for Michael Jackson’s Dangerous World Tour in 1992. In the story, the tour starts in two days, and everything is an ensemble of all his hit songs and routines that uniquely matches every moment of putting up the whole show. Act I serves as the grand entrance and introduction of Michael Jackson as he enters the stage in a blaze of glory. He explodes in a rendition of an epic “Beat It” number with his team. As Michael shares his ideas on the tour, an interviewer enters, Rachel, who wishes to do an in-depth discussion on Michael’s creative process. Michael sits down with Rachel and shares his thoughts on his early years in the industry. He suffered terrors as a child. This leads to a memory wherein Berry Gordy plays Jackson’s hits on his Motown Label.

Act II marks the ongoing production process, with Michael sharing some impossible feats for the tour. Rob did not encourage Michael’s ideas, and the artist reminds him of Quincy Jones’ saying, “Keep the faith. Don’t let nobody take you down”. The reminder results in the recollection of an unfortunate event when Michael accidentally ruins his hair in a Pepsi advert. As the rehearsal continues, Michael shares his new ideas with Rob and Dave after the incident. However, during a break, commotion starts breaking out. Rob tries to keep Rachel away from MJ and doesn’t want her near him. However, MJ manages to find her by disguising himself as a cleaner and explains to her how it is the only way he can go in public, which leads to him singing “Human Nature.”

Michael explains to Rachel his emotional values in terms of being dubbed the King of Pop and being loved by millions, all the while being teased in newspapers. He bursts into song in the iconic arrangement of “Thriller,” with paparazzi and fans equating to the zombies. Rob hears about the doubts and insecurities Michael handles in the face of his career and explains how his work and dedication will be remembered for decades. “Man in the Mirror” cues in as Michael states that any of his hard work is worth describing as perfect. The rendition is powerful, with tumultuous notes and emotions that portray Michael’s perspective as the artist he is known today. The story ends as Michael stands headstrong in a new faith in front of millions to start the newly formed Dangerous World Tour.

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The Broadway production of “MJ the Musical” has been working hard in rehearsals and performances for upcoming shows from 2023 to 2024. Get your groove on as the play takes you down memory lane to the defining and significant works of Michael Jackson. The company includes stops in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, and several other cities. The tour is scheduled to perform at the spectacular architectural masterpiece of the famous Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. Timeless and forever a symbol of pop culture’s multi-talented and loved performer, Michael Jackson comes to life in the powerful and heartfelt rendition of his most famous and iconic life and works. Get your tickets now!

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